What is "Church of the Nazarene?"

What does "Church of the Nazarene" mean?

Jesus grew up in the town of Nazareth. As his popularity grew and he traveled across other parts of Israel, He was often referred to as "the Nazarene," which simply means "the man from Nazareth." (See Mt. 2:23; Mk. 14:67; 16:6; Ac 24:5;) To say "Church of the Nazarene" is simply a unique way to say the "Church of Jesus Christ." It was chosen to distinguish our denomination from various others that use the term "Church of Christ" in their names.

The development of the Church of the Nazarene

Since the day of our birth in 1908, the church has grown to around 2.1 million members, and continues to grow daily. While the church started in the United States, more than half of our memberships now exist in the 156 world areas to which missionaries have been sent. We are presently the largest of the denominations identified as holiness groups.